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Can You Raise a Family in a Condo?



While condos have become a popular option for many first-time home buyers in Toronto thanks to their relative affordability, not everyone is sure that a condo will be able to meet their needs. This is especially true among young families and buyers who are thinking about welcoming children in the near future. 

Not only can a condo be a comfortable and convenient place for your family’s early years, but it can also be a helpful asset in landing a larger home down the line. 

Here’s everything you need to know about family-friendly condo living in West Toronto. 

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Condos as a Stepping Stone

Getting into the housing market isn’t always easy – especially in Toronto. One of the great things about condos is that they provide an accessible gateway to homeownership.

Some buyers may wonder why they should consider buying a condo if their long-term goal is to own a full-sized house. It’s important to remember that a condo doesn’t necessarily need to be your forever home. Rather, it can make for a comfortable and enjoyable living space for you and your kids while you make your way up to something bigger. 

Breaking the cycle of renting and building long-term equity for yourself is an essential step in charting your financial path – especially if you’ve got a family on the way. When the time comes to upsize to something bigger, your condo will be a high-value piece of real estate that you can leverage to get more from your next purchase. 

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Family Life Meets Condo Life

Regardless of how many kids you have (or are planning on having), one thing that all families will need from their home is space. With this in mind, it’s natural for prospective parents to be uncertain about whether or not a condo can meet their needs. While yes, condos are typically smaller in size compared to detached or semi-detached homes, they’re far more spacious than many buyers realize.  

When it comes to finding the right home for you and your family, it’s all about your unique needs and aspirations. Luckily, condos aren’t designed to be one-size-fits-all. Across West Toronto, there is a wide selection of condo developments, each offering a vast range of floor plans and layouts. Whatever your “must haves” are in your first family home, there’s a good chance you’ll find a condo that checks off the boxes. 

Options in West Toronto

Toronto’s west end features countless family-friendly neighbourhoods, many of which feature a range of spacious condo developments. With amazing schools, easy access to amenities, and a true sense of community, families can find everything they’re looking for and more in this part of the city. Neighbourhoods with a strong selection of family-friendly condo options include High Park, Mimico, and The Junction. 

One of the benefits of raising a child in West Toronto is the proximity to parks and green spaces. With the city’s rapid growth, access to nature has become increasingly important for families. High Park, which is one of Toronto’s largest and most popular outdoor areas offers a wide range of activities for families, including hiking and walking trails, outdoor swimming pools, playgrounds, and even a zoo.

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Finding a Condo That Works For You

Can you raise a family in a condo? Absolutely! That said, when it comes time to head to the market, there will be a lot to consider in ensuring the condo you buy actually meets your needs. Like any home purchase, you’ll want to work with an expert. 

Smith Proulx Real Estate can help you find the perfect condo for your family’s early years. With decades of experience working in West Toronto, we know the local market like the back of our hands. After getting to know you, your family, and what you’re looking for in a home, we put our knowledge to work – helping you discover the perfect community and property. 

Looking for the perfect condo to begin your next chapter? We can help you find it. Send us an email or call 416-769-6050 to get started.  


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