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How to Build a Nursery That Doesn’t Break the Bank



Welcoming a child into your family is an incredibly exciting and monumental experience. If you’re a first-time home buyer who is planning on starting a family in the near future, there are a number of costs you’ll need to prepare for – including a nursery. 

Luckily, with the right financial planning and expert advice, you can find success without going over budget.  

As long-serving real estate agents in West Toronto, we’ve helped countless new families find their perfect home and tailor it to their needs and tastes. Here are our tips for building a home nursery that doesn’t break the bank. 

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Know Where to Get Recommendations

If you’re unsure where to get started on finding the right items for your nursery, ask your real estate agent. As an expert in all things real estate, they can help you create a nursery checklist that fits your budget. A well-connected agent can also point you towards quality, wallet-friendly local retailers to help you furnish and build out your child’s space. 

In addition to asking your real estate agent, it doesn’t hurt to ask family and friends as well. They may have great local recommendations or even pre-used nursery essentials that they can offer you. 

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Make the Space Comfortable

One of the main purposes of a nursery is to help your child enjoy a healthy, restful sleep. When working to make the space as comfortable as possible, there are two factors to look out for – light and noise. Remember, your newborn child won’t just be sleeping during the evening. Therefore, being able to make the space dim and quiet at any time of day is ideal. 

One of the easiest ways to control both the light in your nursery is with curtains and drapes. Rather than choosing the fanciest or most adorable set of curtains, aim for functionality. This route will help ensure you build a comfortable and relaxing space for your child while avoiding potential markups at the same time. In addition to keeping the room dim, curtains and drapes can also be an effective way to reduce outside noise, maintaining a peaceful atmosphere for your child. 


While maybe not the most “fun” element of building a nursery, ensuring you have ample storage is still very important! One easy way to maximize the amount of storage in your nursery while still looking out for your budget is investing in functional, multi-purpose furniture. 

There are already a few essential items you’ll need for your nursery, consider a crib for instance. Rather than buy a crib and separate storage containers, go for essential furnishings that have storage built-in. Not only can this help you cut back on costs, but it can also help you free up floor space. 

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Leave Room For Growth

Finally, be sure to leave room for growth. Of course, you’ll want to create a space that is perfectly suited to your child’s needs during their first few years but it’s important to remember that as they grow, their needs will change. To best accommodate your child’s growth, it makes sense to build a flexible, easily adaptable space. For instance, if you don’t plan on welcoming any more children after your first, think ahead as to how you will convert the room into their bedroom as they grow. 

Once again, functionality plays a big role in this tip. Rather than buying new furnishings every 18 months, invest in adaptable items. For example, convertible cribs allow you to expand and adjust your child’s bed as they grow.

In addition to being selective about what you buy, it’s equally as important to consider what not to buy. Although it may be tempting, bypassing baby-branded linens and bedding can help you save some significant money. 

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