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Smith Proulx Team’s 5th Annual Ice Cream Giveaway



This past Saturday, June 15th, the Smith Proulx Real Estate Team hosted their much-anticipated 5th annual free ice cream event, delighting the local community with sweet treats and fun-filled moments. The beloved Smith Proulx Panda appeared at each park, spreading smiles and high-fives to kids and families alike.

The ice cream extravaganza kicked off at Vine Park at noon, with the ice cream truck making its rounds to five different parks throughout the day, including Lithuania Park, Ravina Park, Beresford Park, and Rennie Park. Each stop was exciting as families gathered to enjoy free ice cream and spend time with the friendly Panda.

The turnout was fantastic, with attendance up 30 to 40 percent from last year, likely due to the nicer weather. Residents from all over the neighbourhood came out to join the fun, with the event attracting attendees of all ages, from infants to grandparents. Parents appreciated the opportunity to engage in a community event, and children were thrilled to receive their favourite ice cream flavours. “It’s wonderful to see everyone come together,” said one local parent. “The kids have been looking forward to this all week!”

The event also featured a draw for a set of four Toronto Blue Jays tickets, adding an extra layer of excitement. Many families participated, hoping to win a chance to enjoy a game together.

The Smith Proulx Panda, always a crowd-pleaser, brought an extra dose of joy to the event. Dressed in a summer-themed outfit, the Panda greeted everyone with high fives and posed for countless photos. One memorable moment was at Beresford Park, where the Panda led a group of kids in a spontaneous dance-off, much to the delight of the spectators.

The 5th annual free ice cream event was a resounding success, thanks to the enthusiastic participation of the community and the efforts of the Smith Proulx Team. “We are so grateful for everyone who came out and made this event special,” said Renee Proulx. “We can’t wait to do it all again next year!”

As the day ended at Rennie Park, the smiles and laughter were a testament to the event’s impact. The Smith Proulx Team looks forward to continuing this sweet tradition and bringing more joy to the community in the years to come.

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