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Dave Proulx

Sales Representative

Before delving into a career in local real estate, Dave’s technical background served him well. Notably, he earned a Masters of Applied Science (MASc) in Engineering from the University of Toronto. From there, he held a series of technical management positions with well-respected companies like Procter & Gamble, Campbell Soup, Weston Foods, and Griffith Laboratories.

He transitioned into working as a technology consultant in 1991, but Dave found himself increasingly helping Ingrid grow her real estate business. He eventually made the decision to join her full-time, earning his license in 1998.

Dave’s detail-oriented approach and mind for logistics came in handy in his new career, which sees him simplifying (often-complex) real estate deals for his clients. Today, he continues to build the business he shares with Ingrid and their daughter Renee.