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Smith Proulx Out In Support of Breast Cancer Screening and Treatment, St. Joe’s Hospital

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The Smith Proulx team was once again out in support of our Toronto West End community. This time, it was by way of a fundraiser for the Geoffrey H. Wood Foundation Centre of Excellence in Breast Cancer Screening and Treatment, at St. Joseph’s Hospital, with completion slated for this Summer. The sound of Toronto’s own Guilty 5 kicked off the event in celebratory style!

St. Joe’s has personal meaning for Renee and the Smith Proulx team, as that’s where Renee was actually born! In addition, she and her partner are expecting a little one in August this year, also coming into into this world with the help of St. Joe’s excellent nurses and doctors. And finally, like many of those in attendance that evening, the Smith Proulx team has family members and friends who are survivors of breast cancer.

The team were extremely proud to contribute to the fundraiser for the Centre, as so many women will receive life-saving treatment for years to come. The Centre is yet another way that St. Joe’s is keeping the promise to meet the health care needs of our Toronto West End community. The Centre means that women will no longer have to wait weeks to find out the next steps in their treatment plan, if they have breast cancer.

They will come to one location for screening and any individualized follow-up care in just days. As well, St. Joe’s will be home to a second mammogram machine to screen twice as many women for breast cancer, and it will feel more like a healing environment. If any of you have gone through treatment, or even just screening for breast cancer, I’m sure you can appreciate how this new centre will be a huge contribution to women’s health.

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