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CBC Toronto News Smith Proulx Team and the BirthdayPanda! Watch Video



CBC Toronto News shines a light on the Smith Proulx Team and the BirthdayPanda!

During the height of the pandemic, Renee Proulx, a member of the Smith Proulx Team, dressed up as a friendly Panda and visited houses in the High Park, Junction, Bloor West Village, Swansea, and Roncesvalles neighborhoods; making birthdays special for kids who couldn’t celebrate in the usual way. The excited kids and happy families caught the attention of CBC Toronto News and as a result the news site spoke out about the amazing and heartwarming work done by Renee Proulx and the Smith Proulx Team. CBC documented the Panda (Renee Proulx) as she traveled to different houses in the neighborhood and brought joy to several families. During the news story, parents and children were interviewed on their thoughts about the birthday panda,

One mother said, “It’s absolutely excellent–in current conditions–when kids can not have a big party. It is just amazing to have the Panda come and help us celebrate!”

The Birthday Panda has brought immense delight amidst the pandemic to parents, kids, and the community!

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